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What is Schistosomiasis?

Schistosomiasis or bilharzia, is a serious parasitic disease (third in importance to malaria and amoebiasis) caused by blood fluke that continues to plague many developing countries in the tropics.

How do we get infected?

A schistosome has a complex life cycle. The adult worms parasitize in the host’s blood system, and their eggs are excreted through human feces or urine.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The most commonly used method of diagnosing urinary Schistosomiasisis the identification of eggs in the urine for S. haematobium. Many other methods are emerging in its diagnosis.

The main treatment is through chemotherapy which is mainly Praziquatel.

What to do when you see…

There are 13 diseases covered by the World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Neglected Tropical Diseases and all medical centers attend to these cases.

Schistosomiasis cases are to be reported to the nearest medical center for prompt attention.